Are organic and non-GMO foods really worth it?

Let’s be honest, in our country it is hard to tell between what are actual facts, and what someone is wanting you to hear. When I think about today’s food industry, the one thing which constantly comes to mind is the age-old saying “Ignorance is bliss”, because the majority of our country just wants to put their fingers in their ears and do this:

Meanwhile, the food industry is raping the earth, and giving us food which is absolutely horrible for our bodies.

It isn’t just adult food either, do some research on the “gems” of quality companies that make baby food put out for your young children to consume. Everything from formula to snack foods.

Just look at the big companies who bully their way into purchasing smaller, better quality, companies so they can absolutely demolish any competition. Monopoly at it’s finest, but that is the world we live in.

While I step off my soap box, I want you to realize this isn’t the true meaning of this article. The true meaning of this article is asking, “Is it worth it to eat organic, non-GMO foods?” You hear a lot about this online, and sometimes on the news, but is the benefit of the product worth the extra money, because this stuff can be expensive!

When the term “organic” started to become a mainstream term, the theory was you didn’t have to purchase organic foods which have a thick skin on them. Bananas, watermelons, canteloupes, and other foods with a dense skin. The thought was the pesticides and chemicals used on the plants wouldn’t penetrate that skin and make the non-organic product as good as the organic variety.

Well, anymore that isn’t the case. Studies on non-organic bananas are showing chemicals are leaching their way through the skin of the bananas, and therefore into the food which is then entering your body. Welcome to the pathway for chemicals to get into your body.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Are you reading this wondering if I, and my family, purchase only organic products? The answer is no, we don’t. But, what we try to do is be smart with the non-organic produce we purchase. If we are going to buy non-organic produce, we will try to purchase it at our local farmer’s market. The place where the actual farmer can tell us what he/she used on the products, etc. so there is 100-percent transparency with the purchase.

Organic foods are worth it, in my opinion, but buying local can save you money and give you a better product than that bell pepper which came from Mexico and was doused with nasty chemicals.

Now for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and non-GMO products. There is a new logo from the Non-GMO Project which has a butterfly on it and it says “Non-GMO Project Verified”.

Image result for non-gmo project verified logo

If you see this on a product it means the product has undergone strict testing to ensure there are no GMOs in the product. The thing with this is, the company has to approach the GMO Project for them to give them the verification logo. However, there is good news on this front, and that is you are seeing this more and more in grocery stores, which means even large companies are ponying up the money to get this logo on their product, because they realize there is a large group of people who will purchase a product with the logo, compared to without the Non-GMO label emblazoned on the front.

So, are organic and non-GMO foods really worth purchasing? They do cost more money, but can you really put a price tag on your health? This doesn’t mean every item you consume has to be organic and non-GMO, but the fact of the matter is our food system has made this our new reality. The foods just sitting on the shelves in grocery stores are NOT safe anymore. Therefore, we have to go above and beyond to ensure foods we are buying are safe for ourselves, and our families.

With that said, is it worth it? Damn straight they are worth it!

Join the revolution TODAY!


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