Yoga: Not just for girls anymore

If you are like me, and by that I mean a dude who loves to lift weights, you have laughed at any person with a ‘Y’ chromosome who has taken a yoga class before. However, it really shouldn’t be that way anymore.

About 5 years ago my wife talked me into taking a hot yoga class. Come to find out, the ‘Hot’ wasn’t referencing the attractiveness of the women in class (I’m kidding), but the temperature of the room. My first yoga class was spent in front of a heater in a room which had to be near 90-degrees with everyone crammed into a small space in the middle of winter.

There was sweat, and lots of it, but about midway through the class I reached the point where I wasn’t fighting the class, thinking how stupid it was, but decided to buy-in. To truly give the class a chance, and to improve me from a mental and physical standpoint.

Lo and behold, it worked.

I’m no yogi, probably the furthest thing from it, but if my wife asks me to go to a class, I don’t hesitate to say yes.

What caused the change? Most importantly was probably watching so many older men in my life struggle with flexibility and overall stiffness. I am 34-years-old, and I don’t want to struggle to get out of bed when I am 50. I want to be able to continue to play softball, golf, and train at a high level, and flexibility is a large part of that equation.

Also, I have learned to use the time in a yoga class to better myself from the inside out. As a father of four small children, quiet time is at a minimum, and, if you are going to a legitimate yoga class, there will be plenty of time to reflect on the class, your body and especially your spirit.

Lastly, the class freaking works! I was as skeptical as the next male taking yoga, but what yoga does is work muscles you never touch in the gym. Sure, your shoulders, triceps and chest will get a workout, but the stabilizer muscles, core muscles and smaller muscles will be in for a heavy workload, something they aren’t used to.

I honestly can say I wish I could take more yoga classes, but time, and life, simply doesn’t always allow it. However, if you are faced with the chance to take a yoga class, whether you are a man or woman, I strongly encourage you to do it. Talk to the instructor before the class starts, and they will help you out. Stay in the back of the class and just take your time getting into the poses. Don’t try to compete with the regulars in the room, this class is about you…not them. Lastly, just enjoy the experience!

Be like me…join the revolution, even if it means taking a yoga class!


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