Gym Etiquette 101: Do you really need all that baggage?

Throughout this series of how to properly compose yourself in a gym setting, I have tackled everything from where you put your weights, to what you wear to the gym. In this week’s Gym Etiquette article, the focus will be not on what you do, or what you wear, but what many are bringing to the gym.

Do you really need all that baggage?

For some, I feel like asking if you need all that luggage?

So, if you didn’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the gym goers who love to carry their gym bag with them as they go through the motions at the gym, but this isn’t just any gym bag. This is an assault on space due to their carry-on size bag which houses all of their “necessities”.

What would those necessities be? Let’s go through some of the basics:

  • Wrist wraps – Because you never know just when you will need to bust out the wrist wraps when your own wrists are too damn weak to hold a weight or pull something.
  • Weight Belt – When your lower back can’t handle the 135-pound squat you do, you need to look tough with a weight belt.
  • Change of clothes – Sometimes you sweat so much you have to change clothes mid-way through the workout…I guess.
  • Pre-workout mix – What would you do without the cocaine-like effects from your pre-workout shake?
  • Shaker Bottles – Your pre-workout mix, and post-workout protein shake, don’t shake themselves!!
  • Protein powder – If you don’t get your protein intake immediately after your workout you will lose some of your “gains”…hence why you keep that 10-pound jug of protein powder in your bag for all to see.
  • Gallon jug of water – Because a 12 ounce water bottle, or even a 24 ounce bottle of water, isn’t enough…you need to carry around a giant jug of water so your creatine monohydrate has plenty of fluid to bond to throughout your workouts.

The aspect of this silliness is are these bags even necessary? If you even ponder this question, the answer is NO!

You want wrist wraps? Just carry them into the gym.

You want a shaker bottle? That is fine, but you can wait until you get home to have your protein shake.

And for crying-out-loud, a trip to the water fountain, or a Nalgene bottle, will suffice for your workouts.

A lot of this is about people trying to impress others, not about needing these items. There is nothing wrong with a gym bag, many use these to carry clothes and necessities for them before, or after, work, but some just carry a bag to carry their crap around. It doesn’t bother me other than it takes up space in the gym. Many of these “bags” find their ways onto vacant benches, or benches which could be used by other members.

So, if you are one of these people, leave the bag in the locker room, or at home, and take only what you need to the gym. You won’t look like a clown, and the other patrons in the gym will appreciate it!

Join the revolution today!


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